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Fall 2013

Take Our Picture

Written by: Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by: John Connon
Assistant Director: Stan Madray
Margaret: Brittany Isham
Wendell: Gabe LaPorte
Phillip: Wayne Kinney

Beer Girl

Written by: Walter Wykes

Directed by: Stephanie Wilson
Assistant Director: Matt Einhorn
Rob: Asiel Gonzalez
Flo: Lindsi Jeter

Crustacean Infiltration

Written by: Allen Gorney

Directed by: David Meneses
Assistant Director: Summer Perkins
Jake: Daniel Baldock
Dennis: Jim Serrano
Nurse Diane: Joy Kigin

Hate The Loser Inside

Written by: Jon Kern

Directed by: Derek Angell
Assistant Director: Betty Monroe
Coach Donny Broadhaus: Tim Riedel
Miguel: David Meneses

Fit For Love

Written by: Rich Orloff
Directed by: Simon Needham
Assistant Director: Flavia Falquetti
Julie: Amber Watson
Charlie: Ryan Holmes
Doctor: Suzanne Sacks
Nurse: Flavia Falquetti

Top of 16

Written by: Ken Dashow
Directed by: Yvonne Suhor
Assistant Director: Lindsi Jeter
Hope: Emily Cutting & Amy Strickhouser
James: Chris Walker
Toni: Isis Masoud

The Folks

Written by: Mark Harvey Levine

Directed by: Luis Poggi
Assistant Director: Clare Ghezzi
Wendy: Stephanie Wilson
Scot: Derek Smith


Written by: Ken Dashow

Directed by: Rachael Thompson
Assistant Director: Joy Kigin
Joey: Tracy Wiu
Claire: Ashley Wilson
Tom: Derek Angell
Riccardi: Andrew Romano

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