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Fall 2017

Best Present Ever

Written by: Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by: Yvonne Suhor
Assistant Director: Lynde Schmidt
Linda: Madeleine Elise
Cal: Lindsi Jeter
Don: Sebastian Serra

The Diary

Written by: Tom Misuraca
Directed by: Chris Walker
Assistant Director: Sebastian Serra
Mother: Christy Hamilton Poggi
David: Andres Erickson

Happy F!@#$%G Blind Guy

Written by: Bruce Graham
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Director: Aaron Sherry
Tim: Derek Smith
Larry: Ryan Forrestal

Plan C

Written by: Chris Walker
Directed by: Derek Angell
Assistant Director: Kelli Reid
Jason: Mark Williams
Claire: Katie Leatherbury

Some Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Threesome

Written by: Lindsi Jeter and Chris Walker
Directed by: Clare Ghezzi
Assistant Director: Tim Riedel
Eric: Thomas Wheeler
Megan: Stephanie Simon
Ben: Joel Anthony

Half Hangit Maggie and the Bodysnatchers

Written by: Allen Gorney
Directed by: John Connon
Assistant Director: Angela Trapp
Donal: Aaron Sherry
Will: James Adams
Maggie: Ashley Pinnock

See You Next Thursday

Written by: Chris Walker
Directed by: Lindsi Jeter
Assistant Director: Lydia Hubbell
Cindy: Crystal Black Gettings
Darren: Daniel Contois

Newscasters in Love

Written by: John Connon
Directed by: David Meneses
Assistant Director: Matt Einhorn
Alex Hanrahan: Chris Walker
Shannette Meyers: Katy Williams
Debra Hanrahan: Alexia Marie
Jimmy Lazenby, Harrison Fields, Hamilton Fitzherbert: Donald Johnston Jr.
Sasha Coutier, Charlotte Stevvens, Larrisa:

Cristina Hernandez

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