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Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! We are so excited to announce the cast for our first Play de Luna in our new space!

Indecent Proposal

Written By: Lindsi Jeter

Director: Alex Streu

Assistant Director: Jay Bogdanowitsch

Don: Andy Ransom

Linda: Kathrine Slocki

Justin: Austin Lampe

Girl in the Pink Dress: Brianna Hicks


Written By: John Connon

Director: Clare Ghezzi

Assistant Director: Brianna Hicks

Jennifer: Kate Ortiz

Melanie: Jana Dubiel

It’s A Boy

Written By: Alex Streu

Director: Chris Walker

Assistant Director: Lynde Schmidt

Mac: David Meneses

Lela: Lindsi Jeter

Just the Way You Are

Written By: Chris Walker

Director: David Meneses

Assistant Director: Andre Rivera

Hanna: Kristin Calhoun

Dr. Howard: Alex Streu

Nurse: Andre Rivera

Doctor: Jay Bogdanowitsch


Written By: John Connon

Director: Christy Poggi

Assistant Director: Kristin Calhoun

POTUS; Patrick J. Delva

Wyatt: Del Marco Arlando

Leanna: Mary Douglas

Agent: Dianne Grant

The Bitch Barn

Written By: Matt Einhorn

Directed by: Lindsi Jeter

Assistant Director: Derek Angell and Jana Dubiel

Madame Fannie: Melissa Corbin

Trent: Jay Bogdanowitsch

Caroline: Clare Ghezzi

Cooper: Andre Rivera


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