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Dramatique: The Art of Deception, Cast List

Thank you and great job to everyone who auditioned today! "Dramatique: The Art of Deception" is off to a great start! Below is the cast list:

Fishing Written by: Jeff Hoffman Directed by: David Meneses

Sarah: Lindsi Jeter

Father: Jim Serrano

LA 8 AM Written by: Mark Harvey Levine Directed by: Clare Chezzi Kevin: Peter Linschoten

Paige: Kathrine Slocki

AAA: Lydia Hubbell

GGG: Alexis Valentin Casasnovas

Loyalties Written by: Murphy Guyer Directed by: Lindsi Jeter

Rudy: Dennis Friebe

Monika: Lynde Schmidt

Katrin: Kristin Calhoun

Jacob: Alex Streu

The Improv Class Written by: John Connon Directed by: Christy Poggi The Player: Tyler Veinot

The Scene Partner: Jay Bogdanowitsch

The Teacher: Nicole Ricks

Time Wounds All Heels Written by: Glenn Alterman Directed by: John Connon Ted: Wayne Kinney

Tom: Clay Gibson


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