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Fall 2009

The Wedding Story

Written by: Julianne Homokay
Directed by: Clare Ghezzi
Assistant Director: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Storyteller: Janet Raskin
Bride: Dawn Davis
Groom: Scott Poole

The Man Gift

Written by: Marie Elliott

Directed by: Landon Price

Assistant Director: Paul Petrus

Kate: Cristina Godreau

Steve: Tim Riedel

Pauly: Kurt Thomas

The Lovers and the List

Written by: David L. Williams

Directed by: Scott Browning

Shannon: Meta Scholan

Luke: Mike Kalinowski

Blind Date

Written by: Samara Siskind

Directed by: Lauren O’Quinn

Assistant Director: Michelle Oliver

Marcia: Kristen Wharton

Ted: Ray Eddy

A Gay Thing

Written by: Joshua James
Directed by: David Veitch
Assistant Director: Derek Angell
Ryan: Robert Walker-Branchaud
Carl: Tim Rerucha


Written by: Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by: Scott Poole
Assistant Director: David Meneses
Whitney: Danielle Alagna
Peter: Derek Angell

Esther: Surely Alvelo

We Need to Talk

Written by: Kristyn Leigh Robinson
Directed by: Luis Poggi
Kathy: Ashley Galloway
Ryan: Chris Ballinger

Announcer: Scott Browning

12 Rounds

Written by: S.W. Senek
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Director: Laurie Brown

Nancy: Holly Payberg Torroija
Roger: Matthew Scovell
Tom: David Meneses
Sarah: Yuti Joshi

Referee: Laurie Brown

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