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Fall 2008

At the Orgy

Written by: Rich Orloff
Directed by: Jeremy Wood
Man: Scott Browning
Woman: Natalie Meade

Louis and Dave

Written by: Norm Foster

Directed by: Christy Hamilton

Louis: Chris Burns

Dave: Chris Ballinger

The Stepford Guy

Written by: Rich Orloff

Directed by: Luis Poggi

Woman: Kristen Wharton

Man: Landon Price

I'm His Bogeyman

Written by: Jeff Goode

Directed by: Yvonne Suhor

Assistant Director: Cynthia Murell

Babe: Leander Suleiman

Bogeyman: Tim Riedel

Jason: David Meneses

Mary Just Broke Up With This Guy

Written by: Garth Wingfield
Directed by: Scott Browning
Mary: Lauren O'Quinn
Her Dates: James Nyugen & Jeremy Wood

It's Not You

Written by: Craig Pospisil
Directed by: Lauren O'Quinn
Natalie: Clare Ghezzi
Terry: Justin Bowen
Amber: Angie Morales

John: Robin Hack

Killed a Man in Reno

Written by: Robin Hack
Directed by: David Veitch
Kurt Lawry: John Connon
Julie Lawry: Cynthia Murell
Miles: Kurt Thomas

Derek: Scott Poole

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