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Fall 2007


Written by: John Pielmeier
Directed by: Yvonne Suhor
Actor: Scott Browning
J.P.: Christy Hamilton

Christmas Breaks

Written by: Patrick Gabridge

Directed by: Christy Hamilton

Marcie: Karen O'Donnell

Peter: Robin Hack

Davis: James Nguyen

One Man's Secret Desire

Written by: Rich Orloff
Directed by: Luis Poggi
Clarissa DuBois: Alexis Jackson

Andrew: Tim Riedel

Penny Thoughts

Written by: Mark Aloysius Kenneally
Directed by: Scott Browning & Traci Miller
Penny: Cynthia Murell
Carl: Landon Price
Rick: David Meneses

Dane: Josh Schuldt

Emotional Recall

Written by: John Pielmeier

Directed by: Ian Covell

Actress: Clare Ghezzi / Melanie Ginnett

The Pick Up Artist

Written by: John Pielmeier
Directed by: Jeremy Wood
He: John Connon

She: Lauren O'Quinn


Written by: William Gadea

Directed by: Lauren O'Quinn

Biff: Jeremy Wood

Lorraine: Lisandra Vasquez

Ray: Tony DeMil

Home Invasion

Written by: Robin Hack
Directed by: David Veitch
Homeowner: Scott Poole
Telemarketer: Leander Suleiman

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