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Fall 2012

A Little Help From The Audience

Written by: John Connon
Directed by: Simon Needham
Assistant Director: Clare Ghezzi
Sharon: Crystal Gettings
Bill: Billy Askew
Chase: Jason Fusco

The Mugging

Written by: John Connon

Directed by: Rowan Bousaid

Assistant Director: James Woodrich

Lady: Terri Ganey

Thug: Derek Angell

Life Coming Up

Written by: Sharyn Rothstein

Directed by: Jennifer Jarackas

Assistant Director: Jason Roeser

Abby: Lindsay Hail

Chris: Jay Sevilla

The Cholocate Affair

Written by: Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by: Yvonne Suhor

Assistant Director: Ashley Wilson

Beverly: Summer Perkins

Mr. Goodbar: Asiel Gonzalez

M&M: Sierra Vemeyer

The Transfiguration of Linda

Written by: Sheldon Senek
Directed by: David Meneses

Assistant Director: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Linda: Rachael Thompson
Randy: Daniel Baldock

Mrs. Jansen Isn't Here Now

Written by: Steven Korbar
Directed by: Derek Angell
Assistant Director: Lindsi Jeter
Chris: Chris Walker
Mary Margaret: Dina Saunders

Bartender: Jason Roeser

High Speed Disconnect

Written by: Chris Widney
Directed by: Stephanie Wilson
Assistant Directors: David Meneses & Christy Poggi
Martha: Ayla Parsons
David: Rowan Bousaid


Written by: Thomas J. Misuraca
Directed by: John Connon
Assistant Director: Rachael Thompson

George: Stan Madray
Sandy: Jennifer Jarackas
Ted: James Woodrich
Martha: Bethany Ilene Wedlund

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