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Fall 2014

The Cheat Meal

Written by: John Connon
Directed by: Joy Kigin
Assistant Director: Betty Monroe
Joe: Ryan Holmes
Melissa: Ashley Pinnock
Big Bones: Charlie Prince

Zombie Love

Written by: Earl T. Roske

Directed by: Stan Madray
Assistant Director: Stephanie Wilson
Emily: Clare Ghezzi
Walter: Derek Smith
Kathy: Emily Cutting

Face to Facebook

Written by: Mark Harvey Levine
Directed by: Simon Needham

Assistant Director: Isis Masoud
Amanda: Andrea Gentry
Marvin: John W. Wright
Tablet: Yasheera Acevedo

Waitress: Mia Bleyman

The Modern American Romance Not Often Seen

Written by: Mark Troy
Directed by: Yvonne Suhor
Assistant Director: Amber Watson
Deedee: Jessica Montgomery
Avery: Jason Fusco


Written by: John Connon
Directed by: David Meneses
Assistant Director: Matt Einhorn
Anna: Joy Kigin
Gloria: Chris Walker
Gary: David Rose

Bad Medicine

Written by: Rachael Thompson
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Directors: Tim Moreino & Mia Bleyman
Doctor: Susanne Potrock
Patient: Andy Gion

Happily Ever After

Written by: Stan Madray
Directed by: John Connon
Knight: Alex Ullrich
Princess: Angela Trapp
Chip: Matt Doman

Role Playing Night

Written by: Matt Einhorn
Directed by: Stephanie Wilson
Assistant Director: Rachael Thompson
Liv: Jacquelynne Faith Bernstein
Mark: Tommy Goodman
James: Ryan Kim
Ian: Nick Leali

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