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Fall 2015

Hitting on Women 101

Written by: Bruce Kane
Directed by: Isis Masoud
Assistant Director: Alexis Valentin Casasnovas
Tim: Matt Militano
Angie: Yasheera Acevedo
Second Woman: Jessica Montgomery

Stalk Me Baby

Written by: C.S. Hanson
Directed by: Yvonne Suhor
Assistant Director: David Rose
Hannah: Crystal Black
Matthew: David Meneses

The Slasher's Lament

Written by: Michael Puzzo
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Director: Luis and Liam Poggi
Jason: Charlie Prince
Gabby: Ashley Pinnock
Waitress: Lindsi Jeter

How to Succeed in Romance Without Really Connecting

Written by: Trace Crawford
Directed by: Simon Needham
Man: Andy Gion
Woman: Deanna Schaekel
Book: Jim Serrano

What Are You Going

To Be?

Written by: Steven Korbar
Directed by: Stephanie Wilson
Assistant Director: Amber Watson
Greg: Chris Walker
Carol: Christy Keating
Natalie: Lydia Hubbell

Resistance is Fertile

Written by: Rachael Thompson
Directed by: Joy Kigin
Assistant Director: Chris Walker
Henry: Derek Smith
Emma: Amber Watson

Computer Voice: Yasheera Acevedo


Written by: John Connon
Directed by: Derek Angell
Assistant Director: Mark Williams
Angela: Alexia Marie
Ben: JT Dickieson
Homeless Person: Mark Williams

'Til Death Do Us Part

Written by: Chris Walker
Directed by: David Meneses
Assistant Director: Clare Ghezzi
Samantha: Jessica Montgomery
David: Jim Serrano
Beth: Stephanie Wilson

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