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Fall 2006

Arabian Nights

Written by: David Ives
Directed by: Luis Poggi
Assistant Director: Eddie Darcel
Translator: Leander Suleiman
Flora: Abby Wicker
Norman: James Nguyen

Fight Dreams

Written by: Allison Weiss
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Director: Ian Owens
Dinah: Heather Delmotte
Dan Dyer

Dr. Werman: Karen O'Donnell
Julio: Ian Owens

Feet of Clay

Written by: David Caudle

Directed by: Scott Browning

Clay: Scott Poole

Vaughan: Jim Pacitti

Funeral Parlor

Written by: Christopher Durang

Directed by: Simon Needham

Assistant Director: Jeremy Wood

Susan: Lauren O'Quinn

Marcus: Landon Price

Last Laugh

Written by: Jay Hanagan

Directed by: Yvonne Suhor

Assistant Director: Tim Riedel

Patty: Cynthia Murell

Gordon: David Meneses

Daniel on a Thursday

Written by: Garth Wingfield

Directed by: David Veitch

Assistant Director: Robb Maus

Daniel: Jeff Doden

Kevin: Jeremy Wood

Baby Food

Written by: David Lindsay - Abaire

Directed by: Lauren O'Quinn

Assistant Director: Clare Ghezzi

Danita: Marci Stringer

Gary: Luis Poggi

Joyce: Sarah McKenna

Marlon: Scott Browning

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