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Fall 2010

Santa's Little Helper

Written by: James Venhaus
Directed by: Derek Angell
Assistant Director: David Meneses
Michael: Rowan Bousaid
Maggie: Meta Scholan
Tim: Phil Armijo

Coworker: Robert Walker-Branchaudl

The Lifeboat is Sinking

Written by: Shel Silvertein

Directed by: Luis Poggi

Jen: Ayla Parsons

Sherwin: Dan Stone


Written by: Mark Troy

Directed by: Yvonne Suhor

Assistant Director: Clare Ghezzi

Wally: Derek Angell

Bernice: Amy Strickhouser

How To Speak Man

Written by: Sharyn Rothstein

Directed by: Simon Needham

Assistant Director: Kevin Diana

Charlie Krone: Robert Walker-Branchaud

Tom Fineberg: Hakim Callender

Alan Spalding: Tim Riedel

Randy Quigley: Kevin Diana

The Best Daddy

Written by: Shel Silvertein
Directed by: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Assistant Director: Robert Walker-Branchaud
Lisa: Yeselie Rivera
Dad: John Connon

Bingo & Rose Marie

Written by: David Lavine
Directed by: Landon Price
Assistant Director: Michelle Oliver
Bingo: Kurt Thomas
Rose Marie: Rachael Thompson

Ring Tone

Written by: Bruce Kane
Directed by: John Connon
Karen: Stephanie Miller
Len: Landon Price

Kringle Phobia

Written by: James Venhaus
Directed by: David Meneses
Assistant Director: Ayla Parsons

Gene: Tim Rerucha
Santas: Kevin Diana, Tim Riedel, Hakim Callender
Lorraine: Christy Hamilton Poggi
Timmy: Rowan Bousaid

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